For more than 160 years, an Auburn University degree has prepared new generations of students to be difference-makers in their professions, communities, and beyond. Our employer relations team is dedicated to meeting employer recruiting needs by connecting employers with key campus contacts and communities that facilitate meaningful connections with students. Our goal is to partner with employers to understand their needs and integrate them into the fabric of the university to support research, experiential learning, and mentorship that prepares students for the jobs of today and future careers. We see employers as essential to student success and key stakeholders in the universities’ outreach mission to enhance society.

We look forward to partnering with you to support the development of the future workforce and meet your broad talent and recruiting needs. As facilitators of relationships, we work to bring all campus stakeholders to that table to meet your needs best and develop impactful, positive experiences for your engagements with Auburn University.


Career Discovery and Success at Auburn University offers a wide range of opportunities to engage with and recruit talented tigers, including job and experiential learning postings, career fairs, on-campus interviews, career connection chats, tabling events, and custom engagements through Employer Day on the Plains. The Employer Relations team is dedicated to connecting you with students and alumni to match your recruiting needs.

We can assist you in meeting your recruiting goals across campus by coordinating with the Auburn Career Services Network to make your recruiting plan at Auburn efficient and effective. Meet with a member of the Career Connections team to establish your partnership and custom recruiting and engagement plan.


Auburn University career fairs and events help employers connect with Auburn University students and alumni and helps increase an organization’s on-campus brand. Career fair recruiting events are designed to assist you in meeting your recruitment needs by facilitating connections with qualified candidates.

In an effort to find the best recruiting event for your organization, we encourage you to browse the list of upcoming fairs on Handshake or via the events listing that are taking place in partnership with schools and colleges across Auburn University.

Career Connections team is available to help you choose the best fairs and events to meet your recruitment needs.


OCI offers employers the opportunity to screen candidates for further consideration for positions within the organization. Employers may choose from several different recruiting models that offer varying degrees of control over who you will interview during your visit to Auburn.

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Handshake is Auburn University’s online recruiting platform. Handshake is where Employers can register for career fairs, post jobs, schedule on-campus interviews, and host virtual career connection chats. Handshake is used across Colleges at Auburn University.


  1. Read policies and guidelines including EEO and NACE in the Auburn University Employer Recruiting Guide.
  2. If you are a third-party recruiter, read, sign, and send our Third Party Recruiting Agreement
  3. Review Handshake’s Employer Onboarding
  4. Set up your Handshake Account and visit the “Handshake for Employers” page to learn more about the Portal
  5. Follow the instructions in this link to set up your account Be sure to Select “Auburn University” as one of the schools with which you would like to connect.
  1. Sign up or log into Handshake
  2. Please allow time for Handshake account to be approved by Auburn University. This process can take up to one week. Monitor your email during this time, as you will be asked to confirm your request within 24 hours of receiving the message.
  3. Connect with Auburn University students via Handshake

Once approved, you are ready to start recruiting! Contact us if you have any questions or need assistance.


Auburn University supports the posting of experiential learning, full-time, part-time, and seasonal opportunities. All opportunities are shared with students through Handshake. Follow the instructions below to post your opportunity.

  1. Log in to Handshake and click the “Jobs” tab on the left side navigation bar.
  2. Select “New Job” in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Complete the job description.
  4. Select “Create Job” at the end of the form.
  5. Select “Update Qualification” to match it with qualified students. Provide as many details as possible.
  6. Once finished, select “Post to Schools” and pick Auburn from your drop-down menu.

And that’s it! Your job opening will be submitted and students will be able to apply.


Career Discovery and Success’s Career Connections team offers numerous ways to to engage and connect with students. In coordination with the Auburn Career Services Network, the Career Connections team will work with you based on your recruitment goals, to engage students and build your brand through efficient and effective engagement opportunities, outside of the traditional career fair.


The Career Connections team can help you plan your visit. There are a number of ways to engage students across Auburn University’s campus, and the Career Connections team will work with campus partners and the Auburn Career Services Network to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your visit. Request and engagement consultation and planning session.

Career Connection Chats: During these in-person or virtual chats, employers make presentations on topics that include the organization’s career opportunities, culture, and products or services. Offering these chats as a “Coffee Chat” or “Lunch and Learn” provides an increased incentive for students, as well as a more informal meet-up opportunity for students. Career Discovery and Success and members of the Auburn Career Services Network will market these sessions to audiences based on the information provided in the request which can be made through Handshake.

Career Consultant: Provide 1:1 career consultation and/or group workshops on a career development topic. Students are eager to hear from you tips on application materials, interview preparation, creating and leveraging career connections, career competency development and articulation, evaluating and negotiating offers, and more. Career Consultants may also have the opportunity to work with faculty in the classroom and present to classes on relevant topics related course material and/or related industry special topics. The Career Connections team will work with the Auburn Career Services Network to market you as a Career Consultant, as well as work with Faculty depending on topical information and course relevance.


Provide opportunities to bring academic studies and skills to life! Experiential opportunities provide exposure to careers to careers that match students interest, skills, and academic pursuits. By providing experiential opportunities to students, you position your company/organization as a competitive choice for students seeking full-time jobs. Experiential opportunities can be short to long-term engagements that help students gain valuable hands-on experience, work with or in diverse settings, as well as reflect on their development. Connect with the Career Connections team for consultation on experiential learning information and best practices. For cooperative education opportunities, visit the Co-op Program website.

Career Discovery and Success supports NACE’s position statement regarding unpaid internships that all internships should be paid to provide students equitable access to opportunities and career success.

job shadow, internships, co-operative education, micro-internships and project based learning, service projects, research


Social Media/Instagram Takeover: Expand your reach and gain broad exposure among Auburn University students and alumni. This opportunity allows your company or organization to ‘take over’ the Career Discovery and Success Instagram and will allow our campus partners and the Auburn Career Services Network to repost and share takeover content. During the takeover, highlight your company culture, job and internship opportunities, current employees (alumni) and projects.

Employer Partner Day on the Plains: For our employer partners, the Career Connections team will coordinate with campus partners and the Auburn Career Services Network to design a custom engagement day at Auburn based on the recruiting goals of your company or organization. In addition to coordinating this engagement day, the Career Connections team will secure rooms and venues on Auburn University’s campus to accommodate the engagement events planned for the day, as well as create a marketing plan that will begin two weeks out from the Day on the Plains to inform students of the engagement opportunities. In coordination with your company/organization, we will work with caterers to ensure food you wish to provide is procured through approved vendors for designated events. Throughout the Day on the Plains, Career Connections and Auburn Career Service Network team members will assist on site and provide support and transportation as needed during each portion of the day. To discuss a “Day on the Plains” and becoming an employer partner of Career Discovery and Success, contact Shereada Harrell.

Career Discovery and Success is supported by the Job Location & Development grant. In order to maintain this grant, we ask that you provide placement information when you hire Auburn students. No personal information will be made public.

Estimated length: 4 minutes

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