Career Discovery and Success provides comprehensive career and major exploration support at any stage of your Auburn career in the Exploration Center. The Exploration team helps students uncover and identify their interests, values, and skills, and discover career options that best match and align with their self-knowledge. In identifying majors that align with career goals, Academic Advisors help student’s see where their earned credits will apply to different majors, and what an academic path might look like going forward with different options. Career Counselors are available to assist throughout the exploration process, from exploring the foundations of self and occupational options knowledge to working through the decision-making process that narrows options down to a top choice. The exploration team works together to ensure a seamless experience. We look forward to helping you explore and design your academic and career success plan.

Incoming Students who are Exploring Majors before Declaring:

  • unsure about all the different major options, this is the best way to get the support you need.
  • spend one or two semesters discovering the ideal major for your academic and professional goals, while making progress toward your Auburn degree.
  • take our 2-credit fall course, EXPL1010: Exploratory Investigations I (required for, and available only to, Exploratory majors), taking you through a structured exploration process while achieving specific learning objectives and earning academic credit.
  • receive one-on-one academic and career advising during your time in the Exploratory major, including advice on your course schedule to take to stay on track with your possible majors

As an incoming student, you can apply to Auburn as an Exploratory major, or change your selected major to Exploratory in your Admissions Portal or by contacting the Auburn Admissions Office at 334-844-6425.

Incoming Students Still Exploring and have Declared a Major:

  • explore major options by taking First Year Seminar UNIV1150: MJ2 Special Topics with Learning Strategies
  • learn strategies for success in college life and academics.
  • explore the process of choosing a major and investigate career options.
  • utilize resources, tools, and assessments to create a career action plan.

Meet with Us:

If you are rethinking your major or career options and are unsure where to start, this brief survey will help us get you to the right place to begin. If you have any questions, please email us at explore@auburn.edu.

Take a Career Assessment:

Identify your interests, values, and skills and match them to potential majors and occupations. Using these assessments requires some training in how to interpret them, schedule an appointment in Handshake if you are interested in one of the following assessments.

Strong Interest Inventory:

The Strong Interest Inventory matches your interests with the interests of people who have been in career fields at least three years and are happy with their work. It takes about 30 minutes to complete this 317-item inventory and results are discussed with a career counselor.

You must schedule a career assessment interpretation session with a career counselor to receive your results.

Clifton Strengths:

Clifton Strengths formally StrengthsFinder, is based on positive psychology; helping individuals identify, develop, and use their strengths on a regular basis is more beneficial than focusing on overcoming weakness. The assessment helps you recognize your unique talents and learn how these talents can be used in your everyday life to maximize the potential for personal growth and career satisfaction. This assessment takes approximately 30 minute to complete.

Must meet with a career counselor to receive access information.

If you prefer to do some exploring on your own before coming in for an appointment, here are some good places to start. We’ll be happy to help you learn the best ways to navigate these sites just let us know:

Self-Knowledge: Explore your interest, values, and skills to begin laying the foundation to build your career path.

TypeFocus(FREE) is a self-paced, career, and education planning tool that enables you to self-assess your career-relevant personal qualities and explore career fields and major areas of study that are most compatible with your assessment results. To login, please use your university email and password. In addition, this program incorporates your results into personalized reports that offer insight into the following topics: career choices; career readiness, interpersonal skills, personal branding, and learning styles.

Majors: Explore information on different majors and occupations aligned with those majors.

Occupations: Explore information on careers that align with your interests, values, and skills.

Connect to workshop opportunities in Handshake, or explore events to engage in exploration activities or to connect with employers to learn more about potential careers and academic pathways that align with opportunities.

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