Student Employment

There are four types of student employment at Auburn University:

On-Campus Student Employment
Federal Work Study
Off-Campus Student Employment
Graduate Assistantships

Attend the Part-Time Job Fair

Each fall and spring semester (August and January) the University Career Center hosts a Part-Time Job Fair that gives students and employers an opportunity to talk face-to-face either in a virtual or in-person setting. 

Prepare for the Fair

View more tips here

National Student Employment Week
Schedule an Appointment with a Career Counselor

Good to Know

Original Documents are Required

Gather your identification documents. You will need to submit original documents to successfully complete the required form, I-9. This form is required for both off and on-campus job opportunities and will be presented to you by your employer.

Approved forms of documentation can be found here

Update Application Materials

Update your documents and have them reviewed by the University Career Center before submitting them for applications. Review our resources to learn more about creating these documents and how to have them reviewed online and by our staff. Remember that you will be judged by all of your professional correspondence, so make sure you are following professional protocols for all emails as well. 

Last modified: February 18, 2022