Course Selection

  • Familiarize yourself with engineering requirements & various majors.
  • Pre-engineering required: MATH 1610 & MATH 1620 (C grade or better), CHEM 1030/1031 & PHYS 1600, COMP 1200 (Matlab preferred), ENGR 1100 & ENGR 1110.

Ask for Assistance

  • Meet with student services coordinator each semester to discuss class schedule
    and academic plan.
  • Check out free ESS tutoring to get off to a strong start.

Davis Hall, home of Aerospace Engineering Student Advising

Gain Experience

  • Explore Co-op opportunities
    • Co-op interest meetings take place during the 1st 3 weeks each semester
  • Attend  Part-Time Job Fair in Fall/Spring.
  • Use Handshake to explore employers actively hiring in your field and search for part-time jobs that can add experience to your resume.

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Get Involved



Course Selection

  • Maintain a good GPA, seek academic support early and often.
  • Continue to meet every semester with student services coordinator. Discuss future elective options.
  • Gateway courses: ENGR 2050, MATH 2630/2650, AERO 2200 (must make C or better in all courses).
  • Consider adding a minor.

Ask for Assistance

Gain Experience

  • Intern and/or participate in Co-op to gain valuable work experience and add to your resume.
  • You may pursue internships in any engineering field.
  • Explore options for Study Abroad.
  • Explore undergraduate research. (Utilize college website, faculty, and advisors for options)

Get Involved

  • Join an organization & attend meetings to develop your interests, build social connections, and enhance your resume.
  • Continue to participate in competition teams to expand experience and develop leadership skills.


Course Selection

  • Continue to meet every semester with student services coordinator. Discuss future elective options.
  • Conclude Co-op rotation if possible.
  • Gateway courses: AERO 3110, 3120, 3130, 3610.

Ask for Assistance

Gain Experience

  • Attend the Engineering & Technology Career Fair in Fall/Spring.
  • Consider graduate school (Plan to take the GRE).
  • Get involved with undergraduate research projects and explore publication options.

Get Involved

  • Pursue leadership roles in Engineering and University-wide organizations
    to gain experience and enhance your resume.


Course Selection

  • Complete: AERO 4620/4630, 4710/4720, and electives.
  • Schedule Graduation Credit Check with your ESS advisor one semester prior to graduation.
  • Register for UNIV 4AA0 EN1 (the graduation list) for your final semester.

Ask for Assistance

  • Update resume and cover letter and continue developing interview skills.
  • Meet with the Student Services Coordinator and Graduate Program Officer to learn about graduate school opportunities.

Gain Experience

  • Attend the Engineering & Technology Career Fair, Auburn University Career Fair, and/or Grad School Info Day in Fall/Spring.
  • Seek job opportunities and send out resumes.

Get Involved

  • Become team leads and project managers.
  • Become involved with departmental alumni as a resource for job opportunities, internships and post- graduate work.

General Information

The program prepares students for entry into a variety of positions. Like all engineering fields, critical thinking and problem solving ability are to being successful. Aerospace engineers are especially concerned with aerodynamics, propulsion, dynamics, and a variety of challenges associated with flight both in and beyond the atmosphere.

Compare to Assessment Results

Career assessments are a great way to learn more about who you are in order to find a career and/or major that will be a good fit.

To learn more about assessments or find out how to get started, start here.


Holland's Code: RIE

  • Realistic
  • Investigative
  • Enterprising
  • Personality

    Most common* Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality types found in this major, in no particular order:

    • ISTJ
    • ESTJ
    • ENTP

    *Every MBTI type is found in every major, these are the most highly concentrated


    • Working Conditions
    • Independence
    • Recognition


    • Critical Thinking
    • Reading Comprehension
    • Science
    • Active Listening
    • Complex Problem Solving

    Job and Internship Opportunities

    RSS Sample of Positions Currently Listed on Handshake Hiring Aerospace Engineer Majors

    Meet your Career Contacts

    University Career Center Liaison

    Tasheila Williams-Townsend, EdS

    Interim Associate Director, Career Development

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