Course Selection

  • In BUSI 1010, you will take self-assessments and learn about majors within the Harbert College of Business to begin career planning.

Ask for Assistance

Gain Experience

  • Seek opportunities to join Undergraduate Advisory Council and student organizations related to your interests.
  • Use Handshake to explore employers actively hiring in your field and search part-time jobs that can add experience to your résumé.
  •  Use LinkedIn to identify past graduates in Marketing and reach out to see about shadowing and internship opportunities.

Get Involved

  • Follow the Harbert College of Business on Twitter @AUBusiness and the Office of Professional and Career Development @AUOPCD.


Course Selection

  • In BUSI 2010, you will advance your professional skills, polish your resume, develop networking etiquette, and prepare for an internship search and interviewing.

Ask for Assistance

  • Meet with a Career Coach in the OPCD to discuss majors of interest and begin planning your internship search for the Fall of the junior year.
  • Take advantage of Study Partners, SI sessions, and the academic coaching in the Office of Academic Support.
  • The Miller Writing Center can help with your writing assignments and all other writing assistance you may need.

Gain Experience

  • Begin thinking about leadership roles in organizations with which you are currently involved.
  • Attend workshops in the OPCD.
  • Attend Fall and Spring Career Fairs.

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Course Selection

  • Marketing has 3 possible concentrations should you choose to pursue one:
      • Marketing Management
      • Professional Selling
      • Retailing
  • Begin major classes and choose electives that fit your career interest.
  • Enroll in the professional development course for your major to apply the skills gained in previous classes to your job and internship search.

Ask for Assistance

  • Meet with a career coach in the OPCD to begin planning for your internship search and interviewing.

Gain Experience

  • Obtain an internship for the summer following junior year in your chosen field.
  • Seek out part-time employment opportunities.
  • If you are considering earning an MBA, start studying and taking the GMAT.

Get Involved

  • Look for leadership opportunities in your organizations to develop practical skills and abilities.
  • Become a student member in professional organizations related to your major.


Course Selection

  • Work through your major classes and continue electives that fit your career interest.
  • Apply to Master of Business Administration programs early fall semester, if interested.

Ask for Assistance

  • Meet with your academic advisor to complete a graduation check your first semester of senior year.
  • Schedule time in the OPCD with a career coach to assist with your full-time job search.

Gain Experience

  • Continue seeking experiences like part-time jobs or job shadowing that will assist you during interviews for full-time employment.
  • Retake the GMAT if necessary to achieve the desired score.

Get Involved

  • Seek out other leadership roles in organizations.
  • Begin to use the connections you have made through campus involvement and career fair networking to begin your full-time job search.

General Information

As a Marketing major, you will learn the basic principles of marketing goods and services, consumer behavior, marketing research, and marketing strategy, as well as advertising, promotion, sales management, e-marketing, even personal selling.

Compare to Assessment Results

Career assessments area great way to learn more about who you are in order to find a career and/or major that will be a good fit.

To learn more about assessments or find out how to get started, start here.


Holland's Code: ERS

  • Enterprising
  • Realistic
  • Social


Most common* Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality types found in this major, in no particular order:

  • ENTP
  • ENFJ
  • ESFJ

*Every MBTI type is found in every major, these are the most highly concentrated


  • Working Conditions
  • Achievement
  • Independence


  • Active Listening
  • Critical Thinking
  • Active Learning
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Social Perceptiveness

Job and Internship Opportunities

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