Course Selection

  • Discover possible careers and communication methods applied in the ag sector in AGRI 1080.
  • Gateway courses: AGRI 1080 and COMM 1000.

Ask for Assistance

  • Meet with your assigned academic advisor each semester to discuss your major and academic plan.

Comer Hall, home of the college of agriculture student advising

Gain Experience

  • Set up an ePortfolio to showcase your experiences and skills.
  • Check your “This Week on Ag Hill” and “Find Your Career” e-mails to learn about ways you can get involved and gain experience on campus.
  • Use Handshake to explore employers actively hiring in your field and search part-time jobs that can add experience to your resume.


Get Involved

  • Join the College of Agriculture Student Services Facebook page for college and major updates and internship and job postings.
  • Join Ag Hill Communicators. This is an organization for Agricultural Communications majors and others interested in the communication field. This is a student-operated communication firm specializing in graphic design, social media, media relations, photo/video, event planning and web management. Each semester, members produce a publication—for the college’s student body.
  • Follow the College of Agriculture on our social media outlets including Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.


Course Selection

  • Courses include Journalism Fundamentals, Concepts in Communication and Journalism, Foundations of Public Relations and an Ag elective.
  • Gateway Courses: JRNL 1100 (must pass with a B).

Ask for Assistance

  • Academic Support provides several free resources to improve academic performance, including Study Partners, Supplemental Instruction and academic coaching.

Gain Experience

  • Put your communications skills to work in the student organizations to which you belong.
  • Consider traveling abroad. The college offers Study Abroad Scholarships to students studying abroad.

Get Involved

  • Volunteer! Seek out opportunities that cater to your interest and also challenge you to get out of your comfort zone.
  • Utilize AUInvolve to identify organizations of interest, to attend meetings and enhance your resume.



Course Selection

  • Courses include Foundations of Human Communication, Agriculture support courses, Media Studies courses.
  • Gateway Courses: AGRI 4920.

Ask for Assistance

  • Meet with a counselor in the University Career Center (UCC) to explore career options and receive individualized assistance.

Gain Experience

  • Pursue opportunities for your required internship (AGRI 4920).
  • Attend professional development events (Career Fairs, Etiquette Dinners, Workshops).
  • Apply to the Ag Alumni Mentoring Program. Students get to take part
    in job shadowing and networking opportunities, and see first hand where your degree can take you.

Get Involved

  • Pursue leadership roles in your organization to exercise and enhance your communication skills.


Course Selection

  • Communications and agriculture support courses, agriculture law, agribusiness management or marketing, directed studies class or leadership class.

Ask for Assistance

  • Work with the UCC to update your resume and cover letter.

Gain Experience

  • Attend AU Career Fair
  • Attend professional conferences and take part in industry tours.

Get Involved

  • Gamma Sigma Delta is the Honor Society of Agriculture. The organization is dedicated to recognizing your academic achievements.

General Information

A bachelor's degree in Agriculture Communications prepares you for careers in a variety of fields requiring strong communication, leadership and interpersonal skills. Experience is essential for gainful employment in this field.

Compare to Assessment Results

Career assessments are a great way to learn more about who you are in order to find a career and/or major that will be a good fit.

To learn more about assessments or find out how to get started, start here.


Holland's Code: ESR

  • Enterprising
  • Social
  • Realistic
  • Personality

    Most common* Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality types found in this major, in no particular order:

    • ENTJ
    • INTJ
    • INTP
    • ENFJ
    • INFJ
    • ENFP
    • INFP
    • ISFJ
    • ESTP

    *Every MBTI type is found in every major, these are the most highly concentrated


    • Working Conditions
    • Achievement
    • Independence


    • Active Listening
    • Critical Thinking
    • Social Perceptiveness
    • Speaking
    • Judgment and Decision Making

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