Employer Information

The Cooperative Education (Co-op) Program provides students academically enhancing employment opportunities in industry, business, and government. These employment opportunities build upon strong instructional programs to ensure that students receive an outstanding education that prepares them intellectually, technically, culturally, ethically, and socially for the demands and opportunities of an increasingly changing world.

Secure Future Hiring Needs

Co-op employers are not required to hire co-op students into full-time positions upon graduation, but oftentimes co-op students go to work full-time for their co-op employers after finishing their degrees.  By hiring co-op students, employers give themselves a pool of acclimated, company-trained candidates from which to fill full-time positions.

Extended Interview

The co-op program offers a unique opportunity for employers to evaluate co-op students for an extended period of time.  Through the process of hosting students for three work rotations, employers can observe students and determine their potential for future success within the organization.

Build Your Brand

By hiring co-op students and ensuring that they have challenging, positive work experiences, you will gain ambassadors on campus who can tell others about their amazing work semesters.  Some co-op employers even involve their current co-op students in on-campus recruiting events to help spread the word about opportunities with their organization.

Here are a few links that will provide you a better understanding of the Auburn Co-op Program.

Last modified: October 23, 2020