We offer a variety of presentations covering a range of career-related topics and can easily be requested online using the button below. Email Addye Buckley-Burnell at with questions.

Due to the variety of instructional methods currently in place, we now offer presentations in three formats for your convenience: live via Zoom, prerecorded to embed in courses, and live in person (limited basis). 

** For live presentations, please make your requests at least 2 weeks prior to the date needed so that we may arrange for a presenter.  **

Career Assessments

If you use career assessments in your courses, we are happy to provide class interpretations for the Strong Interest Inventory, TypeFocus, and Clifton Strengths (aka StrengthsFinder) as well as detailed instruction handouts for your students.

For a self-guided career planning tool, FOCUS II is a good option. Students can log in (access code: auburn) and complete self-assessments that will guide them in exploring a variety of major and career options. This does not need an interpretation, but our office has created a variety of class assignments based on the information that we are happy to provide if needed.

Please contact Addye Buckley-Burnell at if this is something you would like to learn more about this or make arrangements for your course.

Resume Reviews

For resume assignments, we are happy to help by presenting to the class about resume writing, providing our Job Search Guides (PDF or printed book) with helpful hints, or offering our website resources. We also now have Quinncia, which will provide students with instant feedback on their resumes based on their field of study. Learn more about it here.

If you would like your class to have their resumes reviewed by our office, or would like to gain access to Quinncia, please contact Addye Buckley-Burnell at to work out the best way to accommodate your students.

**Please do not assign students to use our  Electronic Resume Review service for class assignments. We wish to avoid delays for your students or those needing their resumes for immediate applications.**

Mock Interviews

Mock interviews are another popular service and class assignment. If this is something you plan to include in your syllabus, please let us know as far in advance as possible so that we may work with you to put together appropriate
questions, review guidelines and find ideal time periods in the semester to avoid scheduling issues for your students.

Mock interviews will be done via Zoom for the spring semester.

Our new program, Quinncia, is a wonderful alternative to in-person interview practice. Students can access Quinncia anytime and upload their resume for revision suggestions. Based on the resume, Quinn's artificial intelligence will practice interviewing with the student and give direct feedback for improvements. Learn more here.

InterviewStream is also a great option if you would like to require your students to practice interviewing but do not want to have them schedule appointments. This online system allows you as an instructor to create interviews in the system for your students to complete via webcam. Once completed, you are able to critique and give feedback to the students directly in the system. This is a great option that we are happy to provide you detailed instructions.

To utilize any of these options, email Addye Buckley-Burnell at

Event Attendance

The University Career Center offers a variety of career events throughout the year and appreciate you encouraging your students to attend. Many instructors offer extra credit for attending the events and we are happy to provide you with a list of attendees to make this easier to track. If you require your students to attend a career fair, please stress the importance of the professional dress code and encourage them to use the Campus Career Closet for free professional attire.

Last modified: January 13, 2021