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Instant Resume Review

  1. Go to
  2. Click on 'Continue with University ID'
  3. Enter your university username and password
    • At this time, only current Auburn University Students will have access to this service

For Best User Experience, we recommend you to use Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

You will then be redirected to your VMock dashboard from where you can download your school resume guidelines for reference.

  1. Upload your resume in PDF format (if you have difficulties converting your Microsoft Word resume into PDF, please use
  2. The system will then process your resume and present you with a summary of resume analysis & feedback. Click on the "view feedback" blue button to see the detailed feedback.
  3. There is a detailed product walk-through embedded inside the system so please make sure you take some time to understand the different modules/features of the system.
  4. If this is part of a class assignment, you will need to take a screenshot of the review page with a score and submit this for the assignment.

You are now all SET to start improving your resume score!
You can have up to 10 resumes reviews on VMock per academic year (June reset)

Note: In case you have any trouble using the system, reach out to us at

In-Person Review

Visit to University Career Center during drop-in hours to have your documents reviewed by a Peer Career Advisor.

Please use VMock and implement suggested changes before using this service. 

Visit Drop-ins

Monday-Friday 10:00-3:00


Electronic Resume Review

University Career Center offers electronic review of your resume and curriculum vitae. Submit your document and job description and you will receive a screencast video back with feedback and suggestions within one week.

Please use VMock and implement suggested changes before using this service. 

  1. In order to be evaluated please make sure your document meets the following criteria:
    • No longer than two pages
    • Document is only a resume or curriculum vita
    • Not a cover letter
    • Not a class assignment
    • Is .doc, .docx, or .pdf file format
    • Use your AU username to name your file (e.g., abc0001.pdf, abc0001.docx)
    • Is a current Auburn student or alumni within 5 years of graduation


  2. If you need assistance with other types of documents (cover letter, personal statement, etc.) come in during drop-in hours.
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Professional Document Printing

As a student at Auburn University, we want you to be prepared for all professional settings. To assist with this, we offer resume/CV printing in the University Career Center. Each school year, you may have your documents printed on resume paper for FREE (limit 10 sheets).

Submit Document for Printing COMING SOON

Last modified: July 15, 2020