How can I enhance and demonstrate my career readiness skills?


Manage a fundraising event for Emerge by delegating relevant tasks to team members that result in a successful task completion.


Create profiles on appropriate social media platforms. Evaluate sources of information and potential impact before posting or sharing.


Collaborate with team members in intramural sports. Identify group members’ strengths for a class project.


Engage in everyday conversation, express ideas, make presentations, recruit members, and comprehend feedback in student organizations.


Taking initiative in meeting, being prompt, and contributing in a constructive manner in student employment arenas.

Career Ownership

Explore career options through internships that relate to your personal skills and goals in order to gain experiences and knowledge for the future.

Cross-Cultural Fluency

Take advantage of study abroad opportunities. Appreciate, value, and learn from other cultures and perspectives to move beyond tolerance.

Critical Thinking

Critically analyzing the audience and evaluate appropriate artifacts for the purpose of your ePortfolio. Connect class projects to needed competencies.

Last modified: June 13, 2018