The Auburn University Internship Housing Initiative is a program founded by students in response to the need of their fellow students to obtain crucial internships, but face the obstacle of financing living costs. This program seeks to link Auburn students interning in metropolitan areas to Auburn Alumni who serve as host families – mitigating the living cost for students. The opportunity to connect current Auburn students with alumni is a unique opportunity to bring together the Auburn Family.

With housing costs in the Washington D.C. area being some of the highest in the nation, this program allows all Auburn students, regardless of their financial background, to have the valuable opportunity to enhance student learning outcomes, increase real world knowledge, and allow them to gain experiences that will position our students well in an ever-changing, competitive market.

Members of the Auburn Family currently living in the Washington DC metro area can help by serving as host families or emergency host families for students in the program.

For additional information about serving as a host family and/or to apply to serve as a host family use the links found on this page. 


Serving as a host family presents an excellent opportunity to connect with current Auburn students, and to share your life with another. Below you will find several support documents to help you determine if serving as a host family is the right way for you to support your alma mater.If you have additional questions or concerns. Please contact Career Services & Cooperative Education and speak with Torey Palmer.

Guideline Documents

Expectation Guidelines
Eligibility & Provisions

Helpful Documents

What to Expect While Participating
Host Family Checklist

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Last modified: January 16, 2019