Drop-in assistance, appointments, and eResume services are available to current students and alumni within
5 years of their graduation date. All alumni are welcome to use online resources, including Handshake, and attend University Career Center events.

Market Yourself

Stand out in a sea of applicants by effectively marketing your best skills, abilities and experiences that relate to the career you want. Highlighting your skills and experiences through your resume or CV and ePortfolio and your interest in and fit with a position through your cover letter are critical steps to landing interviews. The interview is your time to shine by exhibiting your fit with the company and ability to outperform other candidates under consideration. Continually evaluate and update your marketing materials throughout your graduate study to reflect new positions and experiences.


Land a Job

The job search process takes time and a lot of hard work. Fortunately, there are many ways for job seekers to go about locating employment opportunities. To maximize your time and energy, utilize both online and in-person methods and be purposeful in identifying opportunities that mesh with your interests, education and qualifications. You are encouraged to leverage your Auburn University connections through Handshake, a job database for Auburn students and alumni, as well as LinkedIn, a professional networking site.

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Career Shift

Hire Students

If you or your employer is interested in hiring Auburn students and graduates, click the link to the right. Create an account in Auburn University’s job posting platform, Handshake, to hire for full-time, part-time, and internship positions.

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