This is Recruiting

Highly effective employers place their emphasis on long-term objectives and building connections with students, faculty, and the career staff, rather than focusing on recruiting transactions. It is the Career Center's goal to develop and maintain strong relationships with employers, and we value the opportunity to assist you with your hiring needs.

Your success is our success. We look forward to helping you put a Tiger On Your Team.

Jay Skipworth
Assistant Director of Employer Relations



Handshake is the platform used to connect students and employers.


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Recruiting Contacts

All Majors

Jay Skipworth
(334) 844-3864

Harbert College of Business

Mike Stover
(334) 844-7296

Alex Ritenbaugh
(334) 844-4071

Part-Time Employment

Ayshia Green-Calloway
On Campus:
Abbi Brown

MBA Program
Harbert College of Business

Frank Oprandy
(334) 844-7270

McWhorter School of Building Science

Jay Skipworth
(334) 844-3864

Architecture and Design

Crystal Jalil
(334) 844-5379

Forestry and Wildlife Science

Wendy Franklin
(334) 844-1094

Cooperative Education

Kim Durbin
(334) 844-5410

College of Agriculture

Megan Ross
(334) 844-3201

Last modified: January 26, 2018